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Best Things To Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has an exhaustive array of things to do. If you're a film buff, vintage Hollywood is a must-see. Some classic attractions in the area include TCL Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Paramount Pictures Studios, the only television and film studio left in Hollywood. For a taste of stardom, window-shop along Rodeo Drive or cruise Sunset Boulevard. There are also a plethora of shorelines to choose from, including Venice Beach, Zuma Beach and the Santa Monica Pier and Beach. Arts lovers will want to see a show at Walt Disney Concert Hall or swing by Los Angeles County Museum of Art to admire its collection. If you aren't sure where to start, a daylong guided tour of the city is a great way to orient yourself. And after exploring all LA has to offer, consider taking a daytrip south to Anaheim-Disneyland.

1. Visit Universal Studios California

Universal Studios have been responsible for some of the most popular blockbuster movies, such as Jurassic Park and Jaws. At their theme park in Hollywood, you can relive movie experiences like being pursued by a killer shark or a T-Rex, or if you prefer, something less stressful like the Simpsons Ride.

2. Watch a Show at the Hollywood Bowl

The Bowl is one of America's most beautiful outdoor arenas, set against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills and the famous Hollywood Sign. In the past, it has hosted everyone from Monty Python's comedy show, Kanye West, and the Beach Boys, and there will probably be a high-profile event during your stay.

3. Hit the Beach

LA is almost as famous for its laid-back beach culture as the movies. Head to Santa Monica and roller-skate down the promenade. Rent a surfboard and head to nearby surfing spots like Malibu, or visit the amusements on Santa Monica pier. Alternatively, just relax all day on the sand.

4. Take a Trip to Catalina

Santa Catalina Island is just 26 miles away by boat from LA harbor and it's well worth a visit. You can take a flying fish tour or dive beneath the waves in a submarine to see the wildlife that call the island's reef home. There are also miles of riding trails and stables that rent horses by the hour.

5. Tour the Beautiful Movie Theaters

During the Golden Age of Hollywood (1920 to around 1950), a cluster of extraordinarily beautiful movie theaters were built that are still open. There's no better place to watch the latest releases than the Chinese Theater, the brightly illuminated Los Feliz, or the massive Palace Theater.

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How to Get to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and for good reason. The movies, television shows and music produced in the City of Angels are enjoyed all over the globe. While the city's show-business history and the chance to rub elbows with a celebrity draws many visitors to L.A., the area's beaches, theme parks and year-round sunny weather are also big attractions. A world-class collection of museums, arenas and theaters means that art lovers, history buffs and sports fans will find plenty to love about the tourist attractions in Los Angeles as well.

Outdoor enthusiasts won't be disappointed either. This something-for-everyone destination boasts a wealth of natural attractions and outdoor activities. From impromptu volleyball games on the beach and camping getaways in the nearby mountains to whale watching and sailing on the blue Pacific, there's always something fun and exciting to do in sunny Southern California.

Hollywood Sign

Originally erected to advertise real estate in the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood sign has come to represent the glamour and excitement of the movie industry. Virtually every visitor to Los Angeles wants to snap a picture of the iconic Hollywood sign, but getting a close-up shot isn't easy. Nowadays, the 45-foot (14-meter) high letters perched on Mount Lee are blocked off by barriers and protected by a security system. While the sign is visible from all over Tinseltown, the best places to park and take pictures are at the Griffith Observatory, Lake Hollywood Park and the Hollywood and Highland Center shopping mall.

La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum

A pool of black tar in the middle of a green city park is an unexpected sight in Los Angeles, but the famous La Brea Tar Pits have provided a treasure trove of archeological finds for the nearby George C. Page Museum. Excavations of the prehistoric site have resulted in one of the largest collections of Ice Age fossils in the world. The oldest of the approximately 100 tons of bones hauled out of the pits date back 38,000 years. Complete skeletons of animals like saber-toothed cats, dire wolves and mastodons are on display in the museum. In the Paleontology Laboratory, visitors can watch scientists working on the latest finds.

Rodeo Drive

Tucked away in a 16-square-bloock area known as the Golden Triangle in the exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive is L.A.'s most famous shopping street. While few come to buy the high-priced designer clothing and accessories sold in the luxury shops, Rodeo Drive is nevertheless a tourist hot spot. Window-shopping is irresistible on this avenue of haute couture, and there's always the chance of spotting a celebrity shopping for the latest styles. The mini-mall at Two Rodeo Drive always attracts attention. With its "faux-European" architecture and cobblestone street, it looks more like a theme park than a mall.

Santa Monica Pier

The world-famous Santa Monica Pier is actually two piers in one. With its bait shop and pier-end restaurant, the longer section built in 1909 is characteristic of most Southern California piers. It's the shorter adjacent pier constructed in 1916 that most attracts visitors. The elevated plaza linking the two piers is home to an old-fashioned amusement park with a vintage roller coaster, a wooden carousel and one of L.A.'s most recognizable landmarks, a solar-powered Ferris Wheel that sparkles with an ever-changing LED light show every night. There's a small aquarium, a trapeze school and an array of tasty eateries at the pier too.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The idea of memorializing celebrities with stars embedded into sidewalks was conceived in the 1950s as a way to keep the glamour of Hollywood alive. More than 2,500 stars have been added since the first permanent installation at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street in 1960. Operated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the program has been a huge success. Each year, around ten million visitors stroll along the mile-long stretch of sidewalk in search of their favorite actor, singer, musician, director or television personality. Closely associated and right in front of part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is the famous Chinese Theatre, which has seen some of Hollywood's most glamorous movies stars and premieres.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Home to one of the oldest still-operating film studios, Universal Studios Hollywood is a sprawling complex in the San Fernando Valley best known for its family-friendly theme park. Many of the park's rides and attractions are centered on blockbuster movies, offering an immersive experience for fans of films ranging from "King Kong" to "Waterworld." Behind-the-scenes studio tours are available as well. The complex also includes Universal CityWalk, an outdoor shopping center where visitors can catch live performances, see a movie or watch celebrities.


Located around an hour's drive from Downtown Los Angeles in Orange County, Disneyland was the first of Walt Disney's chain of theme parks. It's been the star tourist attraction in the City of Anaheim since 1955. Adjacent to the original park is the relatively new California Adventure, which features rides and attractions inspired by the Golden State. "Park hopper" tickets give visitors access to both parks. The meticulously maintained amusement parks are laid out in themed areas ranging from Tomorrowland and Fantasyland to Hollywood Land and Cars Land. Costumed performers wander the parks, offering children once-in-a-lifetime encounters with their favorite Disney characters.

Getty Center

The oil magnate Jean Paul Getty was considered one of the richest men in the world when he established the J. Paul Getty Trust in 1953. Today, the world's wealthiest art institution funds several institutions, including the stunning billion-dollar Getty Center perched high atop L.A.'s Brentwood Hills. A sleek hover-train funicular whisks visitors up to the museum where an extraordinary collection of artwork from the Middle Ages to the present awaits, including masterpieces like van Gogh's "Irises," Monet's "Wheatstack" and "The Abduction of Europa" by Rembrandt. Outside, sculpture-ornamented gardens offer panoramic views of the Los Angeles Basin.

Griffith Park & Observatory

One of the largest municipal parks in the United States, Griffith Park offers a welcome escape from L.A. traffic. In addition to acres of hilly trails and green spaces, the park is home to a broad array of fun-filled attractions, from the Los Angeles Zoo to the outdoor Greek Theatre. It's also the location of one of the city's most iconic landmarks: the Griffith Observatory. Built in 1935, the beautiful Art Deco complex boasts dozens of engaging exhibits, an out-of-this-world planetarium and multiple telescopes available for public use. A visit to the observatory at dusk offers views of stars emerging in the sky above and the twinkling lights of the city below.

Venice Beach

Tobacco magnate Abbot Kinney gets the credit for transforming a marshy stretch of shoreline south of Santa Monica into the "Venice of America." In 1904, Kinney turned a series of drainage channels into scenic canals and constructed a Venetian-inspired arcade on the beach. While the canals remain one of the community's top tourist attractions in Los Angeles, most visitors head for the beach's world-famous boardwalk where eccentric street performers compete with shops, stalls and food stands for attention. The beach's volleyball courts, skating plaza and body-building Muscle Beach area are crowd-pleasers as well.

What to eat in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has a constantly evolving dining scene, with superb chefs from every corner of the world. For great Thai, head to Jitlada (5233 Sunset Blvd) or Ruen Pair (5257 Hollywood Blvd). Crown of India is a fantastic Indian option near the coast (6755 Santa Monica Blvd), Sushi Komasa serves up fine Japanese cuisine (351 E 2nd St), and Angelini Osteria is an excellent Italian eatery (7313 Beverly Blvd). For an authentic American diner experience, head to Nickel Diner (524 S Main St) while for a budget meal that has gourmet appeal, try the Middle Eastern dishes available from the Halal Guys (3432 Wilshire Blvd). Foodies should also head to Grand Central Market (317 S Broadway), which hosts farmers' markets, bars and restaurants.

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